Gangsta Nancy Sinatra…?

Okay, guys! Enough with the winter blues attitudes! It’s fall, it’s beautiful, and we finally get to wear sweaters– so let’s get peppy. Break out the flower headbands! Zip up those blue jeans!

We’re about to get all “Gangster Nancy Sinatra” up in here.

So last year the world was introduced to a little ginger girl named Lana Del Rey. (And, if you don’t know about her, this, this and this should give you her story in a nutshell. But besides her background, did-she-or-didn’t-she-Juvederm lips and GORGEOUS HAIR, Miss Lana has some of the most intriguing style around. And it goes perfectly with her sound.

Lana’s diverse style.

Oh yeah, and I’m kindofreallyalot obsessed with her.

While it’d be easy for me to talk about “Videogames” or “Blue Jeans,” I won’t. Because to be honest, “Videogames” has about 47 million views on Youtube (a couple more since I linked to it earlier) and that’d be too easy. Plus, I want to throw the spotlight on one of the lesser known tracks, “Radio.” It’s sticky-sweet and gooey and cutesy and wonderful. I don’t know about you, but if I have a piece of sugary candy, I can’t eat just one.

So, I dare you to listen–not eat, that would be weird–to just one Lana Del Rey Song.

Did you try? Good, now you see what I was talking about. She’s infectious. Love her or hate her, she’s a pop culture staple that’s hard to ignore.

“Now my life is sweet like cinnamon/Like a f–cking dream I’m living in/Baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio.”

There’s just something about stardom that’s so attractive to people. Who wouldn’t want ten cars, a nice house in Beverly Hills, a personal butler (think Alfred-meets-Woodhouse) and enough money to fill a swimming pool. (Somebody has to want to swim in money…right?)

But it’s not easy. Haters are gon’ hate, tabloids are going to Photoshop your bodies until you’ve fluctuated about 35 lbs., and you might even lose a few friends. However, it will all be worth it, right? When you reach that El Dorado, achieve those dreams you’ve chased for so long?

Some of Lana’s songs are super sad, but I chose “Radio” because it’s the opposite– this track is downright uplifting! It’s also whimsical and fun. There’s a sort of precious innocence imitating  from this track and not to mention, for me, it harkens back to old Hollywood glam.

Also inspired by Jackie O. Love, love, love.

You’re young and beautiful, with so much to give and a full life ahead of you. You want to be a singer–but then again, everyone wants to be a singer. But no, you, like, really want to sing. You want to stand in front of thousands of people and inspire them, make them laugh, cry and think really, really deep, poignant thoughts.

You want to change the world.

So you move out of your broken-down home, driving in that piece-of-crap car you bought when you were 16 with your summer-job money and hit the road. You’re alone. You have three suitcases and next to no cash. That’s okay, though. It’ll all work out somehow. You have to take a few odd jobs, sing in a couple of shitty bars to a crowd full of people who clearly aren’t listening in a place worse than the one you ran away from.

But then you catch a break. One night in that shitty bar you run into a “somebody.” He knows people who know people and suddenly you’re in a recording studio. You cut a track, and then you PR the hell out of it until it’s a hit. Then you buy a house and a pool and a couple of really impractical pairs of heels and you’re a star.

That doesn’t really mean a whole lot unless you have someone to share it with. Despite the cars and money, things are still a little empty. You’re still haunted by ghosts. Sometimes you even feel lost.

“No one even knows how hard life was/I don’t even think about it now because/I’ve finally found you.”

So there you are, lounging poolside in your white bathing suit and floppy hat, and someone comes into focus. A boy. A guy you’ve seen around. (Perhaps even that talent scout that helped get you to the recording studio?) Regardless, he’s charmed his way through the gate and gets you talking. Pretty soon, it all falls into place. You know how the story goes. Happy ending and all that.

Or maybe not. Who knows, but Lana gives us all hope. For right now at least, you’re living the dream. You’re happy, and everything seems like complete perfection. It’s not even just being content–it’s bliss. All of the hardships you’ve had to overcome seem insignificant.

You’re holding hands. You’re smiling. You’re singing and doing what you love. And you have someone to ask you all about it when you come home.

And that’s seriously a life that’s “sweet like cinnamon.”

– – –

Also, I love Lana’s style so much I made another outfit. For this, listen to “National Anthem,” which is pretty much a modernized version of the Jackie O and JFK tale.

Casual wear. Although a patriotic, Jackie Onassis-inspired outfit would be fun to piece together.


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