Wonderland Runway

Alice is one tough chick. Not only does she give a big “F-U” to the polite, aristocratic system she’s grown up in (think Tim Burton’s rendition), she falls down a looooong tunnel into some seriously messed up world where she ends up butting heads with this evil Red Queen who is pretty damn terrifying when […]

An American Horror Story

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m addicted to “American Horror Story.” Cue: “Hi, Rachel!” Not only is AHS a great premise (season 1 and 2), but the characters, design and overall mise-en-scène make it seem so real. In “American Horror Story: Asylum,” the show wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic without the atmosphere the creators […]

Throwback Threads

So I’ve been on this Smiths kick lately, well, mostly I’ve just had “There is A Light That Never Goes Out” on perpetual repeat for the last couple of months. But that counts, right? Regardless, I was inspired by their alternative rock/pop sound. Oh, also Morrissey’s rad striped shirt. You probably know this track from […]

Dress for Atlantis

If you were unlucky enough to be affected by Hurricane Sandy this week, you learned how essential it is to dress for the weather. In Ohio we received heavy rain, wind and cold temperatures. While this is nothing compared to our friends on the east coast, it definitely brought about a change in wardrobe. But […]