Throwback Threads

So I’ve been on this Smiths kick lately, well, mostly I’ve just had “There is A Light That Never Goes Out” on perpetual repeat for the last couple of months. But that counts, right? Regardless, I was inspired by their alternative rock/pop sound. Oh, also Morrissey’s rad striped shirt.

You probably know this track from the hit romance-except-not movie “(500) Days of Summer.” Y’all probably  the self-proclaimed “quirky” girl Zooey Deschanel and her co-star, cute little Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but frankly, this isn’t about their style. It’s not as interesting to me so instead I decided to take a trip in the ol’ Time Machine and bring back some of those beautifully obscure–and oftentimes not-so-flattering–trends that dominated the ’80s. And, thanks to one star in particular, it wasn’t so hard to revamp and modernize those kitschy clothes.

Molly Ringwald is pretty much the ’80s silver screen darling thanks to the late John Hughes and films such as “Pretty in Pink,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Sixteen Candles.” Who can forget the time she put on eyeliner with her cleavage, or when she sat on the table with Jake Ryan, or especially those clothes she wore in “Pretty in Pink”–thrifted and fabulous. Her character, Andie, was refreshing–she wasn’t rich, couldn’t invest tons of cash into her wardrobe, and created unique pieces because of it. And girlfriend loved to accessorize! Not to mention maintaining the delicate balance between ambiguity and femininity. On Andie, what a gem!

The ’80s were a wild time filled with crazy patterns and clothing that never seemed to actually fit right. While Andie indulged in oversized sweaters and the occasional pattern, she was also all about classing it up with pearls and hats. She–thankfully–wasn’t into the bright neon ski jackets or over-dramatic Madonna-esque get-ups–and went for floral patterns and blazers. I’ve always wished that I could tailor a thrift store find as well as her, but alas, the craftiness just isn’t as strong in me.

Instead, I’ll just have to settle for trying to recreate her looks through Polyvore while listening to the tunes of the ’80s. Because really, doesn’t every girl want to be a Hughes’ character at some point in her life?

Don’t forget to add Andie’s signature pink a little pink to a neutral-colored outfit!


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