How It Ends

Well, dear readers, this has been fun. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve gone on full-blown online shopping marathons and purged our wallets clean of those pesky dollar bills and maxed out our credit cards. Hopefully, you’ve also learned of a few great songs and artists that you’ve downloaded onto your iPods and iPhones and, you know, checked out Ohio University’s Thread Magazine (hint hint).

Regardless, I’ve had a lovely time writing for you all and am so happy you’ve stuck with me for this long. Sadly, this is my last entry. But, who knows, I might not be able to stay away and come back to share more tunes and clothes and other wonderful things!

For my last entry, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different. I don’t have an elaborate story about a fictional character or a crazy, wild scenario to imagine yourself stylishly being a part of. Instead, I’m going to do something a bit more personal. As I near the end of my first semester of junior year–and the end of the year in general–it’s time to reflect.

So there you are, coming to terms with the fact that, wow, you’re getting older (21 to be exact) and probably not wiser. Your junior year, despite what others tell you, has most certainly not been the best of your life. In fact, it’s been pretty awful. You’ve met someone awesome, someone you thought you would spend the rest of college and beyond with, and he ended up letting you down. Your dog gets put to sleep, one of your best friends decides he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore and school is, well, pretty freaking hard.

You’re questioning yourself, your major, your friends, your choices and pretty much everything that makes up that weird, stupid, happy little universe around you. But really, it’s not all bad, right? You’re young, educated, financially secure and, for the most part, happy. You’re a pretty lucky human being. And I mean, if you really believe that life is a bottomless pit full of bitter disappointment, the Mayans tell us that the world is supposed to end soon anyway.

Seriously, though, it might be hard to stay positive, to count your blessings, but they’re there. The bad overshadows the good (which is how it usually goes), but you have other guys that actually want to spend time with you. And maybe you don’t have a thousand friends but hell, who needs a thousand, you have a few really, really good ones. You know, the kind that listen to you drunkenly slur about how pretty your ex’s new girlfriend is at 2 a.m. (when they’re sober, mind you), tell you that, yes, of course you look wonderful when you haven’t showered in two days and ones that pseudo-strangle boys who are mean to you at parties.

Maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted or that position in your organization that you’ve been working towards for the last two years, but that just opened the door for you to get involved in other activities. You have your entire life to become a corporate drone so why not enjoy life first? And that’s the point–you’re young, healthy and alive. So, sweetie, what the heck do we have to complain about?

Lovely paper bag scene from "American Beauty"

Lovely paper bag scene from “American Beauty”

Let’s be sad when we need to, but let’s not forget how amazingly lucky we are to be in the here and now. Because really, as Lester Burnham would say, “I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me, but it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world.

Obviously there’s not really a good outfit to go with this brief inspirational talk of mine, so I want to share an outfit that’s totally me. You, dear readers, don’t really know me, but I would like you to. I consider you all beautiful, wonderful and fabulous people, and I hope I run across each and every one of you someday.

Lots of love xx

Simple. Comfortable. Stylish. Cute. Love.

Simple. Comfortable. Stylish. Cute. Love.




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